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New Life Dairy-- No.1 Goat Milk brand in Taiwanes supermarkets

Inheritance: established in 1981, Kaoshiung with the 2 generations joined for more than 4 decades
Persistence: 100% pure milk、no artificial additives、natural and fine ingredients
Quality: in order to guatantee the quality, we build up a dairy planet to inspect and control every single drop of milk from farm to table 
Sustainability: dedicating to boost the goat milk dairy consumer culture with the sustainable spirit to our earth

New Life Dairy, Established in 1981

This is a story about the 2 generations for 40 years.
In a small country of Kaoshiung, the South of Taiwan, Our parents bought the 3 goats to start the dairy farmer life....

In the early 80's, our brand born

Miking of the goats occurs twice a day and it's difficult to relax the whole year.

The tragedy happened when the buyer rejected to buy the raw milk so that we were forced to pour out our hard work in vain.

Therefore this crisis has contributed us to sell our milk in bottle and here comes the idea of promoting our own brand.
(As the photo shown there is the very original bottle at that time.)

In the 90's-First time on Media Report

At the beginning the sale status did not go smoothly.

During the period our parents only sold the botteled milk to the neighbors and friends, afterwards in order to sustain the family our parents started approaching the strangers and continuously more and more people knew about us.

Finally at the very first time the media reported the New Life story.

In the 90's-Expanding door-to-door delivery

The Solid Team for door to door delivery early morning
The period of expanding delivery service for New Life Dairy

In the 90's-Farm Institutionalized Management

In that time, New Life Dairy already has been noticing the environmental hygiene and food safety issues.
Without the healthy living conditional for the livestocks, it is not possible to provide the good quality milk.

In the 90's-OEM period

New Life Dairy entered the OEM period.

In the 90's, Brand Logo

New Life Dairy logo was getting widely know over the Kaoshiung area.

In 2011, Own Dairy Plant

After several crisis of lacking quality control, New Life decided to build our own plant in 2011.
The purpose is to make sure that we can inspect and control every single drop of the milk from farm to table.

Original Product- Half Goat Half Cow Milk

New Life has been a pionner in the dairy industry. 
The first mixed bottle of goat and cow milk was launched to the market.

The purpose is to let the people who resist the goat milk taste be willing to try.
And It did catch the attention successfully.

Pioneer in Goat Milk Industry

In 2013, New Life launched the first bottle of goat milk to the local supermarkets in Kaoshiung.

People always have the first impression that the goat milk is bottled in small glassed bottle and delivered to home.
That is the first time to purchase in the supermarket and the goat milk is iced drink which can reduce a lot the odour.

Diversifying Production Line-Fresh Cow Milk Launched

New Life cooperates with the cow farmer locally in Kaoshiung.
By joining the cow milk market we provide you further high quality dairy products to support your healthy life.

Milk Tea with 50% fresh milk Launched

New Life launched the Milk Tea with 50% fresh milk afterwards.
Another alternative healthy beverage for you!
*Black tea selected from Sun Moon Lake

Nowadays-2nd Generation joined

We grew up in the farm since we were kids but the goat milk industry didn't grow up togerther.
As a part of the goat farmer, New Life shoulders the mission to keep fight for it.
Through striving for introducing this faithful brand-New Life, we expect to play a major role of your daily life!

Factory Tour

New Life Dairy Plant acquired the certificates of HACCP/ISO22000/CAS and the GGM/cow milk marks.

We inspect and control the quality cautiously and ensure every process from the farm to your table.

Our Products

Fresh Goat Milk

Fresh Cow Milk

More Dairy Products
Professional Dairy Plant
New Life has reached to the national standard in food safety field
also have obtained the capacity and flexibility to boost the production and execute OEM/ODM plan.

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Where to buy?

In the supermarket, you can find us. We deliver the fresh milk to your home everyday through the whole island, Taiwan.
If you are looking for good quality dairy products to import your country please contact with us.
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New Life Dairy--the Goat Milk Pioneer since 1981